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'Little' EP


Proud to introduce 'Little', the first EP from composer/producer Charlotte Partt. Including collaborations with talented singer Helghyer (as well others TBA), and musicians. An exciting journey into the world of chilled electronica.


Due for release early 2015.


One Night In Istanbul


Worldwide Release 11th September 2014.


Two down on their luck Liverpool cabbies, Tommy and Gerry, strike an unusual deal with a local gangster to take their sons on a trip of a lifetime, to watch their beloved football team play in the European Cup Final in Istanbul. Hoping to use the trip as a chance to bond with their sons, big trouble awaits them in the form of a sexy hotel chambermaid, two ruthless crooks on a mission and a bag of counterfeit cash.


Starring Steven Waddington (Sleepy Hollow, The Tudors), and Paul Barber (The Full Monty, Only Fools & Horses).


You can view the trailer here.




Alter K Publishing


Charlotte now has a number of tracks from her back catalog represented by the Parisian publishers/label Alter-K.


Independent boutique-size music publishing company based in Paris, established in 2007. Specialising in synchronisation, music supervision and production.