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It all started at the age of 12. I remember sitting in the cinema, full of popcorn and anticipation. As I sat awaiting the start of the first Harry Potter film. It was those first beautifully crafted notes appearing alongside the 'Warner Brother's' ident (composed by the maestro John Williams) that got me. From then onwards, I was hooked on film score.


Ever since that moment I've been a girl possessed, not only with film score, but with motion picture in general. Prior to viewing Harry I was already a Joss Whedon fanatic, (not that I knew it). All I knew was that I was addicted to Buffy! ..As well as countless other tv/movie heroes & heroines, that have appeared on my televison screen over the years.


A few years on, with the addition of some formal and informal musical education. I now find myself pursuing my dream. I love writing music for other peoples stories, defining feelings and emotions through music.  

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