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"I am struck by her dedication to her work, and to being totally innovative in her ideas that has offered me as a Director new ways of looking at the material that I otherwise wouldn't have seen."


- James Marquand, Director.

"[...] a brilliant conceptual composer who fundamentally understands the way a score sits within, and works for a visual story. " 

- Nicholas Moss, Director.

Proudly "unclassically" trained, Charlotte had an unorthodox entrance into the world of composing, picking up her first instrument at the age of 14. She made her family's (as well as her teachers') lives a living hell, practicing the drums until her arms ached and her ears could no longer take it. She had very little formal training in music theory, but thought it a jolly good idea to do a music degree anyway. It was during this time she discovered she could actually write music, and in fact that it was all she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Charlotte made her feature film scoring debut at the age of 23, writing the main thematic music for One Night In Istanbul (Paul Barber, Stephen Waddington), this formed the start of a great working relationship with the Director James Marquand. They further collaborated on the 2015 release, Between Two Worlds (Elliot ‘Example’ Gleave, Chris Mason, Lucien Laviscount); as well as 2018s Beautiful Devils (Ian Glen, Osy Ishkile, and Elliot James Langridge). 

Known for her humanistic sound, utilising classical instruments such as the piano alongside a more “indie” pop sounding palette. Equally at home writing a beautiful classical score or a synth based anthem, her amalgamation of different genres, as well as her naivety to the traditional rules all add to her unique voice.


Alongside her film scores, her music can be heard on a number of successful advertising campaigns for the likes of Facebook (2021), Apple (2021), Shiseido (2022/23) as well as the media wide campaign for BUPA (2020/21) UK mental health services. 


Charlotte lives in London with her fiancée Rose and their cat children, Wilkie, Reginald and Frank.

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